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Why You Should Stop Telling Your Kids "Because I Said So"

It’s tempting to resort to “because I said so” when we are questioned. But is that the most effective, God-honoring way to parent?

Hidden Camera Reveals What These Two Toddlers Do During Naptime

Just when you think you have them all settled down for an afternoon nap, that's when the surprises come!

This mama had her camera rolling on nap time, and what she captured on video was both hilarious and adorable!

7 Things All Sons Need to Hear From Their Moms

Here are 7 essential phrases sons need to hear from their moms to feel valued and capable later in life.

Twin Sisters Separated at Birth Reunite on Live Television!

Two sisters, each adopted from China by two different American families, now meet in person for the first time - on LIVE television!  Tears of joy were flowing all around!

What You Really Need to Figure Out Before Having Kids

All parents do this: we prepare, sometimes ineffectively, for the kiddoes God gifts us with.

So how should we prepare our lives for children? Where should we spend our energy, focus our attention, or put all that new-baby gear?  Here are important areas to consider... 

A Christian Couple's Journey to Adoption

This touching story follows the journey of a young Christian couple who, after trying to conceive for nine years, finally get to meet their adopted baby boy, Jacob, for the first time.

Not a dry eye in the office!

For Mothers of Prodigals - 6 Reasons to Keep Hoping

Brokenhearted mama, it’s ok to cry. But cry in the arms of your Savior. Don’t be afraid to ask Him for great and mighty things on behalf of your child. Trust Him for a miracle!

Here are 6 reasons to keep on hoping....

Parenting: Do We Really Know What We're Doing?

You think you’ve got this parenting thing all figured out. You know the right Bible verses, the squares on the consequences chart, and the ways to handle pretty much any situation. Then—life.

3 Ways to Leave a Legacy of Faith for Your Children

Most Christian parents agree on the importance of passing on a legacy of faith to their children. Still, acknowledging its importance is often disconnected from the real life understanding of what to do in order to accomplish the goal.

6 Things Every Kid Needs to Hear

Words matter. Our children soak them up like little sponges. I can watch my daughter play “house” with her dolls and hear her say some of the same things her mom or I tell her. It's proof that she's listening.

Of all the phrases we say as parents, there are a few that I believe every child needs to hear.

Single Dad Adopts 5 Siblings So They Can Stay Together

Lamont Thomas spent years fostering children - 30 kids over 15 years to be exact!  But when the last foster moved out of the house, Lamont could not end it there.  So even after he decided to stop fostering, he still wanted to help others - so he made an amazing change!

5 Ways the Whole Family Can Eat Healthy

People are understandably conscious about the foods they’re eating and where they come from. This has seen the rise of whole, clean and natural foods, and in the last couple years, the trend has even moved into pet foods.
These tips can help your whole family lead a more healthy life.

An Easy 4-Step Social Media Fast (to Free Your Soul)

Confess - who here is addicted to Social media?  It makes us glued to our phones for a good part of the day, creates negative affects on our relationships, makes us less productive, and it can give us a skewed perception of what reality is. 

What can we do to make sure that our lives don’t get consumed with social media?  Here is an easy 4 step social media fast to free your soul...

Sharpen Students’ Minds with Proper Nutrition

Bells will soon be ringing, and parents may experience déjá vu for the first several weeks of school. That’s because the early part of each new school year is commonly spent reversing the effect of “summer brain drain” – when kids lose skills they mastered the previous year.

How can a proper diet help reverse this trend?

Church Buys School Supplies for Every Student at Their Local Elementary School

Parkview Mennonite Church in Hillsboro, Kansas decided to put works with their faith and made a wonderfully generous donation to a local elementary school, opting to purchase academic supplies for every single student due to attend! 

See what happened when this local church body decided to be a blessing to their whole community...!

Should You Let Your Kids Use TikTok?

Of all the apps in recent years, perhaps the one that has received the most debate on whether it should be used is TikTok. TikTok not only has an addictive, habit-forming quality but is also an app where most anything goes.

This begs the question for parents, should you let your kid use TikTok?

5 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Read the Bible

Bible reading is such a critical part of a healthy relationship with God, but truthfully, it’s not the first Book most children gravitate toward.  What can we do to help our kids not only read the Bible, but understand what they’re reading, potentially enjoy it, and most of all, apply it?

Here are some ideas that will hopefully get you started:

How to Parent Your Grown Children Without Smothering Them

We all want to feel needed. And sometimes, it’s scary to let our grown children make certain decisions on their own.  How do you give them space, but still let them know you are there when they need you or when they’d like you to be around?

Here are seven suggestions to help you parent your grown children without smothering them

6 Remedies When You Feel Like a Failed Parent

The terrible twos. The rebellious teenager. The prodigal. Challenges to parenting are as old as Scripture itself.  Rather than beating ourselves up, we can rely on God’s promises.

Here are six remedies when you feel like a failed parent....

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