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Francesca Battistelli - When The Crazy Kicks In (Official Music Video)

Ever have those days?  The kids, the job, what to have for supper, the dog needs a bath, bills to pay, etc. - well so has Francesca Battistelli!

In honor of all the Moms out there, for Mother's Day, Francesca gives us a clue as to how to keep it all together in this delightful music video!

Zach Williams Joined by Chris Pratt on Live Album Release Video

Talk about friends in high places!  On the occasion of his album release for Rescue Story, Zach Williams treated fans to a live Instagram chat with Chris Pratt!  The two talked music, movies.....and bathrooms!

We have the entire interview right here!

Danny Gokey's Story After American Idol + 4 Songs to Inspire You

Do you know the true story behind Danny Gokey’s songs, his wife and children, and about his rise to fame? Here is the story you may not know about contemporary Christian music singer Danny Gokey.

Kristian Stanfill Performs "One Thing Remains" Live and Unplugged

It's the song we all love!  Kristian Stanfill Performs his moving worship song, "One Thing Remains", live and unplugged in this exclusive performance for the Salem Music Stations!

Behind The Song: Hillsong UNITED Shares The Heart Behind Their Single “Good Grace”

Hillsong UNITED has released the single “Good Grace.”  The debut track includes an accompanying video that showcases the group’s powerful live energy and dynamic production, and features lead vocals from Joel Houston, Taya, JD, among others.

Crowder Reveals the Inspiration Behind Album ‘I Know A Ghost’

I Know A Ghost is haunted by a dynamic fusion of gospel, hip-hop and tradition roots music— an amalgam that Crowder said made for the most fun he’s ever had as a songwriter.
So how did that all come together?  CCM Magazine asked Crowder about it....

Photos: KingsFest 2019 Featuring TobyMac, for KING & COUNTRY & More

The king of Christian music festivals, KingsFest, hosted many top artists, including some GRAMMY® and GMA Dove Award winners. Get a taste of all three days of KingsFest in this photo slideshow from CCM Magazine - featuring TobyMac, For KING and COUNTRY, Bethel Music, Building 429, Crowder, We Are Messengers, Zach Williams, Unspoken, Jordan Feliz, Micah Tyler and more!

Lauren Daigle Behind The Scenes of 'Look Up Child' Photo Shoot

In this behind-the-scenes look, Lauren Daigle takes us through her photo shoot for the album cover of Look Up Child.  Daigle shared some of her inspiration for the album as well as the look she and the Creative Department were after for the album. 

Chris Tomlin Shares The Heart Behind His Song “Home”

The song that Chris Tomlin was least likely to record on this album has become one of his most impacting songs!  Here, Chris tells us the heartfelt meaning behind the song, "Home". 

MercyMe - A Lifetime In The Making

When unrealistic expectations are revealed for what they are, Bart & the boys finally make music their way—and have never been happier.

for King & Country - "Fix My Eyes" [Live]

for King and Country gives an electrifying LIVE performance of their single, Fix My Eyes - at the Simple Church October 6th 2013

Cory Asbury: Global Songwriter - Regular Guy

Ever wonder what it might be like to hang out with Cory Asbury? He has a hit praise and worship song that's included in church services the world over.  So who is Cory Asbury?  Would you believe the “Reckless Love” singer is pretty much just a regular guy?

MercyMe - "Greater" (Official Music Video)

Just when you think you've seen every type of music video, MercyMe comes out with this truly "unique" music video of their hit single, "Greater".

Do you think it's "greater" than what you've seen before?

Crowder Shares The Heart Behind His Song “Red Letters”

Crowder has always been known for his eclectic songwriting and varied styles of music influence. So with so many influences floating around in his head, where did he get the idea for his amazing song, "Red Letters"?  Well, wouldn't you know it - it's not what you think!

Matthew West – It’s Now, Or Never

Beyond just being held accountable for the music he makes, West’s desires to go “all in” at home is first and foremost on his heart. In a day and age where we’re exposed to an “all access” style of media, Matthew West is keeping himself in check to make sure his motives aren’t just motions, and he’s letting us all in on it!

From the latest issue of the free, digital edition CCM Magazine!

Success from 'I Can Only Imagine' Movie Continues

It's been 1 year since the release of the box office surprise, I Can Only Imagine, based on the life of MercyMe singer Bart Millard.  Take a look back at some of the successes the film had and all the outreaches from the movie. 

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